Increase awareness about Autism and educate society about this developmental disorder.

Raise funds for various programs that will benefit children and parents affected by autism.

Advocate for access to education for children living with autism.


Form support structures and groups for families with children living with autism.

Walk For Autism Awareness

On the 28th of July 2019 the Inam Autism Advocacy Group (IAAG) will be participating in the 2019 Annual MTN Walk The Talk with 702. This will be the IAAG’s second participation at this event. The campaign’s intention is to walk to bring awareness to Autism. Over 100 people walked for the cause on at the 2018 edition under the IAAG banner.

Our plan is to make this bigger in 2019 in line with with our "Awareness" goal.

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If you would like to see how last year's event went, please click the link below:

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